Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bug fix

Phenomenon:Fast forward/backward does not work.
Cause:Behavior of iPodControl in iPhoneOS3.12 is different from iPhoneOS3.0.
Status:On Sale


  1. Hi. I have always used it very useful for listening to studying
    English. But I feel any inconvenience.
    Of course, Although I have used a lot of apps, I didn't get through
    your app for studying app than others.
    So, I hope that there is one function to control playtime.
    Would you please add to this app about the function?

  2. Happy Lunar New Year! (A bit soon?)
    I gratefully appreciate for your comment.:-)

    I think over your and other's suggestions.

    - slider for controlling playtime
    - preset repeat periods by setting
    - showing current lyrics
    - play/pause button in repeat mode

    Next holiday will have gone, some capabilities will be implemented. :-)