Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lingua Jacket

LinguaJacket is quick and easy repeat player for foreign language learners.

Just Try!

Various repeat mode:
- 1.8/4.0/7.0 sec one-tap repeat.
- A-B period repeat.

This app is available on iTunes App Store


  1. Thank you for your great APP.
    I had long looked for like this.

  2. Thank you for your comment.

    I am glad this app is helpful for you.

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  4. This is exactly what I've been looking for. Thank you for your App! I really like this App! I would like to give you some feedback.

    -If you would change the name of this App or notes, it would be easier to find in iTunes Store. To be honest, I spent some time to find this app. I searched words such as "rewind", "playback", "listening" and "dictation". But this app could not be found.

    -I'd like to see song length and current position.

    -If I could select a song directly from this app, it would be great. An App called songvoo has that function.


  5. Thank you for suggestive feedback.

    I will update this App's note.
    And add a functionality to pick a track from this App in next holiday, maybe.:-)

  6. I'm using for learning Chinese.

    It would be so much appreciated if I can read lyrics on Lingua Jacket. Beacause I typed dialogues on textbook into lyrics area of each MP3 file.

    I need Chinese characters and accent characters besides alphabets.The usual iPod touch music application can display those characters.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

  7. It is a must if you want to use an iphone for language learning. I use this for practicing Korean, in which I listen each sentence 100 times.
    For future improvement, it would be better if I can use a STOP/PAUSE butten when an A-B section is being repeated and resume the same A-B section. It will be useful when you listen to a long A-B chunk occasionally stopping to catch up.
    The operation will be actually easier if 1.8/4.0/7.0-second buttons provide only backward jumps. This will alow the users more liberty of reselecting a new A-B section.
    I'm looking forward to a new version.

  8. This is my second post. I've been using this application for a long time. It is really useful. I appreciate your work.
    By the way, I 100% agree to what Pyrophone saids above. Stop/Pause button is really needed. Also, his suggestion on 1.8/4.0/7.0 buttons behavior would be great. It would be even better if I could customize the length of seconds by myself.
    I'm looking forward to a new version.

  9. Thanks for useful application~!
    But regretfully I couldn't find your application's setting mode. Where is setting mode?

  10. KEUNMIN -- look under the iPhones Settings and there's a section for LinguaJacket. I know because I had the same issue as you and took a while to realize where to look. :)

    I wish people would be consistent with where they put settings... most apps seem to go with having all settings in the actual app, but some put them in the iPhone setting section.

    Mutwitto, it's a good app, and you can't beat the price. I will be using this for memorizing poetry.

    I would like it if in the Settings section there was a way to tell how many seconds you are selecting when you drag the controller. As it is now, it's trial and error. Drag. Save. Go to LinguaJacket. Damn! Too long of a loop! Go back to settings. Pick LinguaJacket. Drag. Save. Go to LinguaJacket. Damn! Too short... go back to settings... :)

  11. hello sir. i'm korean user. this is most useful app,by the way why i can't adjust repeat duration?? this is my first paid app but i'm really sorry about adjusting.

    sir, i fixed it up. after adjust general setting, i can do on app's view.

  12. Mr/Ms Hee Su.

    Thank you for using my app and reporting a problem.

    I will fix the problem you found in next release.
    It may be last update for iOS 3.x.